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Certified through the CCF organization.  Also studying and supported through Achology with courses in Life Coaching, NLP, and CBT

What Others are saying about Blue Sky's services

"Jason has been an invaluable resource on my journey of self-actualization, helping me place the steps I need to flesh out lifelong dreams. His ability to call me out when I'm cheating myself earned my respect, and his natural gift of breaking down the big picture into manageable chunks has been indispensable.” T.D. client Oct 2018

I took Jason’s Life Coaching course late 2018.
I found it eye-opening to where I am not advancing as a person, and it gave me new ideas of where there is work to be done to improve oneself. It also helped me find some hidden skills and talents.

All in all it was a good experience that I would recommend anyone to try if there is any doubt as to where they are in life and where they want to go.  V.W. client Nov 2018

I am blessed to have been given the opportunity to complete six, 30-min sessions with Jason and I already feel that I have a better understanding of myself and where I want to be in life. With Jason’s help, I feel that I was able to more easily sort through the areas that I wanted to improve in my life, I could better see the places that I was already living well, and I was able to identify some of the limiting factors standing in the way from reaching my potential and desired life. Jason was attentive to my reality of being a single full-time working mother, listened to my thoughts, feelings, and ideas as they related to the structured program of workbooks he provided, and was patient when sorting out my schedule and difficulties in my life. Jason also helped me by pointing out important consistencies in our conversations or recurring themes from my sharing and ‘stories’, and things that came up as I worked through the homework. I feel that Jason asked good questions or brought certain things to my attention while I was sharing which allowed me to experience several “ah-ha” moments. Jason shared my excitement and commended me as I journeyed through the process of further self-discovery. I will continue to work with Jason over the next few months to follow up on my goals and see how I am progressing in areas of life that are important to me. I feel that Jason has given me benefit of support and guidance to help improve my life and reach my potential. Thank you, Jason.   P.R. Dec 2018    

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