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Twice Work - Same Pay

Twice Work - Same Pay

So here you go, a thought for you to ponder as you work away on things that you set your hands to. The Old Testament Egyptian principle: Do twice the work, same time, same pay (You can read about this in Exodus 1:1-14, take a read there are parallels to today)

Just focusing on the first few verses. The people were growing and they were blessed. It was obvious to the people around them that two good things were happening. They were growing and they were blessed, therefore a happy people. What happens next is the tragedy of all of this… Very hard labour!!! not just working hard, but being asked to do the impossible. They met the challenge! That was still not good enough…do you ever feel like it will never be good enough… Well that is a tactic that an enemy has against you. Your enemy is not where you work, your enemy is not the work you do. Let me repeat that, your enemy is NOT your JOB! It is the underlying principles of what drives the basic economy: profit margins and measured success at a cost. I am not saying to rebel against your job, or quit or even take action. It is just awareness that something is wrong in the motivations of pure profit at labour cost. How do you every day defeat this? You succeed, you work hard, you keep the right heart, the right thoughts, the right people around you! Keep your heart in the right frame, for out of it that is where your actual life flows. That is where you succeed in these things: HANDLE STRESS- I think this is one of the most important things I am learning right now. The stresses of life will not diminish on their own. In fact they might increase. But you control your own heart, your own mindset. Keep a Godly heart/

Twice Work - Same Pay

Godly mindset and peace will be yours in abundance. FIND MEANING in things that are also outside of your work. We were created to have open hearts and open minds and to wander and wonder at the goodness God has laid out before us. FIND REST take times to unwind, schedule it in. You are important enough to find this time in your life. Do not hesitate to prioritize yourself from time to time (don’t live there and be selfish, but rest there and recharge your batteries). LOOK UP my greatest joy and source for strength in my life is knowing God is near. I lean in more when I need Him more.

There is a lot to be said about working within a broken system and not finding yourself broken but thriving even there!

How do you thrive under these conditions, add to the list in the comments below

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