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  • Jason Dodd

The Open opening

For my first REAL blog post, I thought this one would be appropriate...


I found this little gem again the other day: (I read this almost every day for a year!)

This day is a new day

that has never been before.

This year is a new year

the opening door. (Celtic Daily Prayer)

It’s about opening the door to a new year and letting God lead into it.

The old expression when "God closes a door he opens a window” this has never sat right with me for some reason.  I don’t picture God closing a door, and then saying hey go jump through some hoops over there or out a window.  I always picture one closed door, and on another other side of your life another open door  (rooms can have two doors right?)

So this year has seen my share of closed doors, but the always optimistic side of me says “Hey look there is another door, and it is slightly ajar, go check that out”

Then there is the mystery of what is on the other side of that door a new world awaits.  In terms of this being a new year I read this again today and wanted to share...

what do you think about getting a fresh chance every day?

Opening the door...

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