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The Making of.......

Do you ever watch the EXTRAS on a DVD?  Is that something people do?  I think I used to do this when it was a novel idea.  But what is a DVD?  Lol  that is where we are at these days, streamed content to us wherever and whenever.  So there goes "the making of…” on most media, most of the time. 

Really what I want to write in this blog is about Creativity, and our need to be creative.

Our need to MAKE things, to be PART of something, to use our CREATIVE parts of our brains.  What a gift God gave us.  That is what I think, a gift, given… The part that gets me, is how little I myself use this gift.  The the other day I was on a video group that was chatting (a bunch of life coaches) and they were talking about our hobbies, and I went really quiet…Hobbies? you mean helping people isn’t a hobby?  LOL  It did make me think about my creative juices, and what lies underneath.  I guess just writing this I am creating something.  So that is a good start.  This is a year I want to try different things, do some different activities and experiences.  I snowshoed, and have done archery…so I am breaking out of that shell.  But Creative, hobbies has got me really thinking…keep tuned in…something is going to come up :)

What about you, what hobbies or creative abilities do you possess or practice in your life?  Do you find it relaxing and recharging?  (Maybe, do doe wan tot teach it, teach this old dog a new trick  :)  hahaha )

*unedited version, so be gracious, there are mistakes a plenty!*

we be chisslin...

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