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Special Set of Skills

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

A thought I had the other day... I like Liam Neeson (in that movie) have a special set of skills.  My particular skills are very different than his, mine are more life giving I would hope!  None the less I am made up of my current skill set that I am blessed with.  My skills have been honed by my involvement in churches around the world.  But I figured something out, they shouldn’t stay there, inside a church, waiting for people to show up into my office.

Have you figured out the same? Do you know what your specific skill set is? A friend of mine wrote a book with the title "You Are The Solution to Someone's Problem". (get a free copy here)

Using your special set of skills is freeing, enlightening, and down right just good for the betterment of yourself and mankind. So get out there and make a difference.

#Unique #Skillset #OnlyYou #Usewhatyougot

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