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  • Jason Dodd

Rhythm is a Dancer


I am confident in writing the above because I have changed. I didn't want to change, I reluctantly embraced the changes that were happening...but then something clicked.

I realized I have a part to play in what my life looks like, what the NEW RHYTHM of my life sounds like. I always did have that energy, that ability, but something helped me click into it.

You see life does have a rhythm, it moves, it changes, it dances. It goes up, and comes down, only to return back to the up again...Can we control the external sensations, and what we hear along the way, we cannot. What we can control is what we allow to be the music we hear in the lows, and the groove we get into in the highs. Rhythm is a Dancer (thanks 80's playlist that includes SNAP!). We can try to stand still, but life will pull us along without choice, a new sheet of music is placed in front of us every 24 hours... we get to arrange it accordingly.

Also there is a belief I have. I have a God, a faith in Him. That allows me to turn and ask the big questions in this life. Maybe not get answers all the time, but at least what type of music best suits me to play. What was I made for? Why am I alive? What can I affect in life?. My faith leads me into these unknowns that become clearer as I play along. Also God brings people into my life that just seem to have the right rhythm, the right tune, the right instrument to encourage me along. For that I am very thankful. Though the church has let me down a number of times, people of faith haven't. People that believe, and work out of love from that belief have been such rich friends in my life. They continue to spur me on!

I started this post as just an excuse to put down in words that I have a new job, am into a new phase of relationship (going through separation/divorce), learning my craft in a new career (Life Coaching). So at the moment life is getting into a new groove, I am alive, and living it, and loving it! Peace and love to you today in the new music, the new rhythms that are your life.

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