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  • Jason Dodd

Moments of Momentum


Funny thing about momentum it only goes one of two ways: Forward momentum or reverse momentum, being without or void of momentum is stationary. Looking at your life, what direction would you say your life’s momentum is heading? Do you have a say in what way your life moves? Or do you just get dragged along with whatever is happening around you? I am imagining you know the answer to the above…momentum is often times about choices, and how we choose to direct our lives. My eyes were open to this through a course I took. It said in life we are either running towards, or running away from. One of the above options has positive momentum, the other negative. When I looked at my life I found there were many areas I was running away from. I was constantly trying to avoid situations and things that were unappealing. Though there is nothing inherently wrong with that, my results were lining up..and that left me asking a lot of questions about what I was running towards. Once I started focusing on what I could put my energy running towards. There was a shift in momentum, a shift in the way I saw myself, in how I saw others as well. Life took on totally different meaning for me, and running towards was getting me better results and making me feel better and more confident. Did I no longer face tough things? Not a chance, actually tougher things. The difference was that my way forward looked possible and even appealing. I am glad God lead me to make this switch in my life. I have benefited so much from it, I look forward to what God brings me next.

What about you? How is your momentum doing? Which way are you headed? What has led you in that way?

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Making a move

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