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  • Jason Dodd

Luxury of Luxuries

One of the things that I notice is, sometimes, how I can overlook things easily. I live in a house that has some cool things about it. Heat on demand, lights in all of the rooms, blankets (ohh the blankets), comfortable bed, clothes, a really hot shower. the luxury of breakfast every day, and if I want, I can always have lunch and dinner too!

You see if I really think about all of the above, comparatively to earlier times in history, and many places in the world. I live a luxurious life, "the luxe life". I am in no ways bragging, and in some ways it hurts me that others don’t have access to these things. Yes they work hard, yes they contribute to their surrounding society. But still they may never see the day of the luxuries I live with. So I am learning to be grateful, to be thankful, to put things in perspective so that I can truly appreciate the little things.

What about you, and your life? Do you often overlook the small luxuries?

This looks comfy, and really what I have available to me! LUXURY!

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