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  • Jason Dodd

Lifelong Learning

What I am learning about myself is that I am little more complex than I realize, or like to admit. I have done some good reflecting recently and there are some astonishing finds. I have fears, doubts and worries. They might not be top of mind all the time, but they are there trying to derail my life. Where did I pick these things up? Why can’t I let them go? This is the learning process, and it is eye opening! I am going to share one of these things, don’t judge, just learn along with me. I have a fear of success, what that means is that if I put my foot forward and things go well, well one day they won’t go well. Well what do I do with that fear? (lots of wells in there, lets go with it) I go into the WELL of my life, and see what has muddied the waters. Have I had failures like this, no not really. So what is it that holds me back. The truth is nothing, there are no real memories or events that I can link to this. But it is there, and it is compounded by other thoughts. What can I do about it, work through it, walk through it. I turn to God, He has never let me down. I turn to friends and tell them, you know what sometimes I deal with this thing… I turn to look at myself and assess and say “You know what self, you are believing a lie!” I trust that when I do good at things, that I take what I have learned and add that to

Life is an open book, and this chapter is the most important, don't try to skip ahead

my tool belt. Also, when things go horribly wrong, yep I can learn from that too. So why fear success, and why hold back? The lesson I am learning culminates with this. “Success is a good thing, and I will be able to carry that success with past experience and gained knowledge.”

There you go, so what are you learning about yourself these days?

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