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Hating Anger

Hating Anger During one of my more selective moments of today I came to realize I hate Anger Let me explain: I was reflecting back on the last year my life (as people do this time of year). I have had a lot of external experiences that have brought some hurt and pain into my life. What this added to my life during this period was Anger. I am not by nature a very angry person, but I have carried some anger towards people for the way I perceived how I was treated. But the reason I hate anger is what does to me…I have a physical response to it, actually a few… my teeth clench, my jaw hurts, my stomach gets all riled up, and my mind races with how these things are affecting me. There is a cure to this.. I have taken the step again to consciously go through and forgive. To ball up my anger, the stuff that was external to me, and balled it up and threw it away, so it didn’t go deeper inside any longer. I feel so much better. Forgiveness has got me through a lot of heavy things this year. And practicing it again today made me feel lighter and more at peace. I hope maybe today you will take a moment and see if there were external things that happened to you, that maybe made their way internally and choose to forgive those people who hurt you. (a few things today let me know I was on the right track) What do you think?

Hold on, and just love!!

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