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  • Jason Dodd

Dimmed Glasses

Seeing through dim glasses…

I am new to the world of wearing glasses.  I don’t take good care of mine really.  They get tossed aside and left out of their case on numerous occasions in a day.

But the next time I go to (find them) use them, yep you guessed it, they are usually and typically smudged.  I can sometimes look around those smudges or use my t-shirt to “clean them” (I know that is not best, but hey I watched others breathe on their lenses and then wipe, so it is a learned habit) What I notice is that smudge bothers me, it really bothers me, it is there, I can’t really see past it.

I am learning through my journey into life coaching that sometimes our past is like that smudge.  We can pretend it’s not there, or do the minimal thing to make do, but the smudge is still there.  Past mistakes or hurts from others can be like that smudge.  It can blur our vision of what’s ahead or what is right in front of us.  So it takes some effort, but it is worth it to REALLY deal with it.

(In the case of my glasses that means finding the actual cleaning cloth and sometimes even the squirt bottle of cleanser)

Have you had smudges in your life?

How do you deal with them?

Seeing Cleary now that the SMUDGE is gone!

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